TCCS Staff Appreciation Week

As many of you may already know, May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation Week across the country. This year we are going to put a little twist on it and make it a "TCCS Staff Appreciation Week." I have created a calendar for next week so we can recognize each special group of staff members. All of these people have an important impact on your child's education and overall well being at TCCS and we would like to recognize them for all of their hard work.


Monday: Lower School Teacher Appreciation Day - K-4 grade teachers


Tuesday: Upper School Teacher Appreciation Day - 5th-8th grade teachers


Wednesday: Classroom Aides Appreciation Day- Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Karen, Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Addy, Mrs. Kathy, Mr. Green, Mrs. Silverman, Mr. Burke, Mrs. Margaret, Mrs. Waanders and Mrs. Marsella


Thursday: Specials Teachers Appreciation Day- Mrs. Torres, Mr. Valente, Mr. T, Ms. Lisa, Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Roberta


Friday: Support Staff Appreciation Day - Mrs. Shenita, Mrs. Yvonne, Mrs. Tovo, Mrs. Distler, Mr. Gallo, Mrs. Syd, Mrs. Gina, Mrs. Bornstein, Mrs. Ishak, Mrs. Ganz, Mrs. Clara, Mr. Joe, Mr. Junior, Mr. Rog and Mr. John


We look forward to having a great week and showing our gratitude to the wonderful staff at TCCS!

-Mr. D and Mr. B-