Hashtag Lunchbag


Time: 10:00 – 12:00

Date: November 21st 2015

Location: T.C.C.S. Cafeteria

Address: 563 Chestnut Ave. Teaneck, N.J. 07666

RSVP Link: http://www.hashtaglunchbag.org/mrdunbar/j_u_m_p_x_t_c_c_s_x_hashtaglunchbag?recruiter_id=18427

Donation Items:


  • Mustard (Squeezable)
  • Mayo ( squeezable)
  • Fruit cups 
  • Bottled water 
  • Brown paper bags
  • Plastic food safety gloves
  • Canned goods
  • Cookies
  • Sandwich bags


What do you do at #HashTagLunchBag?


#HashtagLunchbag is a humanity service movement dedicated to empowering and inspiring humanity to reap the benefits of giving through the use of social media. We create and use bagged lunches, complete with love messages, as a vessel to spread this love and share our experiences to inspire others.


Make Lunch Bags

• Draw a heart with a #(hashtag) on a brown paper bag

• Write inspirational notes

• Assemble Sandwiches using bread, meat, cheese, tomato, mustard, and lettuce (optional). Be sure to wear food safety gloves!

• Assemble Lunch bags with a sandwich, cookie, water, piece of fruit, and inspirational note

• Play Music!!



Ralph Gallo,
Nov 16, 2015, 6:41 AM
Ralph Gallo,
Nov 16, 2015, 6:41 AM