Board Member Bio and Contact Information

Shelley Eleby

Shelley graduated from New York University with a degree in Organizational Behavior and Communications. She is the VP of Global Marketing at AudienceScience, a global advertising technology firm. She is passionate about all things digital. She brings nearly two decades of experience in strategic planning, product development and marketing communications for advertising technology companies and data-driven start-ups. She is ready to share all of those experiences to further the success of our school and the education of our children. She has two children in the community, Josiah and Langston. Shelley and her husband Al are committed to contributing to the success of our charter.

Jeffrey Hietikko-Parsons, Vice-President

Jeff is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Public Health at Hunter College of the City University of New York (CUNY), and he is also the Director of the Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training. He has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Houston. He and his partner Chris are the proud dads of Henry who is in the fourth grade. This is Jeff's third year on the TCCS Board.

Themba Johnson

Themba has a BA from Hobart and William Smith Colleges. She and her husband Steve left New York City in 1999 to become residents of Teaneck, NJ. They have had the pleasure of graduating out our daughter, Chance, in 2013, their son Cannon in 2015, and currently have a child in 2nd grade, Bryce. Themba currently works part time at St. Mark’s church but mainly enjoys being an active parent in the community. She has been a class parent and an event chair for many years. This is Themba’s second year on the board and she is very enthusiastic about what the future holds for TCCS.

Renee Karibi-Whyte, Assistant Secretary

Renee, a native Teaneckian, currently works as a Marketing Director with Thomson Reuters Legal in New York City.  She and her husband Sodigi are the proud parents of Kaya (TCCS 2014 graduate), Odein (TCCS 8th grader), Daye (TCCS 6th grader) and Lolia (hopeful TCCS kindergartener in 2016).  Renee has a B.S. in Business Administration from Florida A&M University and a law degree from Harvard Law School.   Renee is excited to be able to contribute to the continuing development of TCCS! 

Yoel Piney, Treasurer

Yoel Piney has a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and a Masters Degree in Information Systems from Stevens Institute of Technology. Yoel has over 15 years of experience in the development, application and management of an Enterprise-wide technical security program, including network perimeter security, enterprise security management, and computer forensics analysis.  Yoel and his wife, Alicia, have lived in Teaneck for 14 years and have one son currently attending the Teaneck Community Charter School and one who graduated in 2015.

Ann Rivet, Secretary

Ann Rivet is an Associate Professor of Science Education at Teachers College Columbia University. Her research examines how teachers and innovative curriculum support student learning in inquiry-base instructional environments across grades. She holds a bachelors degree in physics from Brown University, and a doctoral degree in science education from the University of Michigan.  Ann and her husband Todd have lived in Teaneck for 10 years, and their son Sean is in fifth grade at TCCS.

Danielle Rowe-Jackson

Danielle Rowe-Jackson is a Director of Marketing Services at Showtime Networks.  She holds a bachelors degree in Communications from Howard University and a masters degree in direct marketing from Mercy College.  She and her husband Charles have been a part of the Teaneck community since 2005.  They have two children in the Teaneck Community Charter School.   Danielle has been an active member of the school community for many years.  She has served as a class parent and is the co-chair of the New Parent’s Team.  This is Danielle’s second year on the TCCS Board of Trustees.

Alexandra Soriano-Taveras, President

Alexandra Soriano-Taveras loves teaching her preschoolers in Bogota, NJ. She has been active in the field of Education for over 20 years. She holds a BA in Anthropology from New York University and a MS in Early Childhood Education from Capella University.  She and her husband Santiago have been Teaneck residents for 15 years. They have three incredible children; Santi, a proud TCCS graduate, Ernesto, an energetic 8th grader, and Luna, a creative 5th grader. Alexandra has been committed to TCCS for many years serving as class parent, class parent coordinator, TCSCO co-chair and participating in various committees. She is serving her 4th year on the TCCS Board of Trustees.

Kate Zatz
Kate is the Chair of the Board of Trustees of American Public University System and American Military University. She also serves on the Board of Calvert Education and is a member of the Registry of College and University Presidents. She holds a bachelors degree in History, Political Science and Social Sciences from Macalester College. She also holds a doctorate from Teachers College Columbia University. Kate is a certified 6 – 12 social studies teacher for Minnesota and holds a CE Business Administrator license for New Jersey. She is the proud mother of Zoe, a 2009 TCCS graduate, and Ben who is currently an 8th grader.